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Body-Centered Approach

How would it feel to be home in your body? To be connected with this earth? 

Your body knows what it needs right now. The knowing has a rhythm that is palpable. A wisdom that you can touch and tune into. It has been my calling to introduce you to it, affirm what you already know about it, and help you continue to strengthen it. 


You can move forward with confidence by learning to listen to your body and the body of the earth.

I invite you to come explore with me. 

Phone Sessions Only.



All of the modalities I use factor into coaching. Coaching itself is simply empowering you to find and live your purpose and heal those elements along the way that are no longer serving you. 


Very much the essence of "love and light", Reiki is an earth-based resonance that can be felt as warm, loving, healing energy in the body, soul, and mind.



Discovering the familial patterns that impact and drive your life today is an incredible way to begin understanding and healing the traumas that run through generations.

Nature Connect

Strengthening your connection to the natural world allows you to tap into the wisdom and healing of the earth and create a personal relationship with nature.