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Releasing Motherly Martyrdom

​Eight-week online workshop to Cultivate Healthy Womanhood during Motherhood:

  • Reclaim your power as a woman and a mother, commanding this respect within yourself and from others.


  • Let go of the guilt that ties you down and causes you to lose faith in yourself and your decisions. 


  • Deepen the quality and openness of your relationships through your own self-discovery as well as the critical ability to define and maintain healthy boundaries.


  • Reconnect with and honor your inner wisdom, recognizing how it is always with you and always a source of authenticity you can trust. 


  • Understand and begin to work with your patterns of self-sabotage to consciously change the way you walk through life.


  • Recognize martyrdom and its role in your own life and the ways in which you were taught to value these ideas through society and your own family's teachings.


  • Connect with your ancestral past to gather strength and information about the way you live in the now and how you can change the future.


  • Embrace your anger as a catalyst for change and find ways to allow it to transform rather than harm your life.


  • Cultivate your innate sensual being and radiate her lusciousness in your work, your everyday relationships and your sex life.

Palouse Walk

Web-based training connected with local site (PCEI), free and open to all!

Create relationship with life & land through the principles of applied ecopsychology & ecopoetics. 

Palouse Walk is a nature reconnecting walk that culminates in written poetry or prose shared with community.


The walk hosts a series of 6 stations along the nature trail at Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI), each one giving an exercise designed to bring you into a more conscious relationship with nature.  


Responding to the prompts, you write about and share your experience of connecting with nature in the forum in order to further solidify the concepts for yourself and create a powerful resonance with your community.  Every voice, human and non human, being given equal respect and weight in the web of life. 

Reiki I, II, & III

I host Reiki Trainings throughout the year. If you would like to be added to the list, leave your information below and I will contact you about upcoming trainings. Thank you!