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Going to Tara is the best self care one can do! My body, mind and soul feel centered and at ease every time I leave. I feel sorry for everyone who hasn't experienced the wonderful gifts she has to offer!


Joy and Its Presence

Tara creates a loving, accepting, safe space. I always feel so comfortable. Our sessions are helping me let go of patterns that do not serve me for my better self, and she's coaching me through my intuitions. I feel that I have grown so much and I'm so grateful to have Tara's support.


Incredible Intuition

Tara's intuition on what is going on with my body and mind is incredible. Sometimes she gives me a massage, sometimes craniosacral, and sometimes she talks me through a problem. Regardless, the results are always amazing.


Energy Healing

I immediately felt comfortable with Tara and opened up to her right away. I could feel the love and safe environment that she had created. She was able to guide me through a process in which real healing began. Her insight was so precise and she was able to vocalize things that I had trouble with. I definitely recommend her services.



I LOVE what I do and want to introduce you to what it means to take a

body-centered approach to life. The best way we can get to know

each other is with my FREE introductory consultation.